proceed with caution

Hello everyone!
I am currently teaching English in Tbilisi. I have been in the city since March this year. I highly recommend traveling outside Tbilisi - it's beautiful and there's lots of fresh air. I would like to caution those who may use the website to look for housing (apartments rooms etc) This website has worked well for a few people I know who got a good deal with respect to apartments. Recently I looked for apartments to share and ended with two local owners of the apartments who shared their home with me. The first lady ended up being abusive towards me so I only stayed for a very short time - I paid the full month's rent but did not get anything back. The second lady lied about the apartment - there was no heating and the front door was broken and I couldn't use the key to open to get in or to get out. I only stayed for 6 days - I paid her for one week but then she demanded an extra GEL 100 for electricity - I did not give her anything. Unfortunately with this website, you never know who you are going to end up with. I am cautioning students and working professionals. And also, there are no written agreements so it can become an awkward, difficult situation.

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