Any suggestions on where to stay on the beach?

Unfortunately there are no beaches in Corozal.   For beaches, you might consider Hopkins, Placentia or Ambergris Gaye.

Actually, there are beaches in Corozal District but not Corozal town. You could stay in Orchid Bay, they rent cottages, condos and there’s a B&B. There’s a beach at Cerros Sands as well. If you wanted to rent in Corozal on the bay Almond Tree or Tony’s are options. Almond Tree has a pool, Tony’s has a nice restaurant on the water.

Just an update about Almond Tree.

We just spent two days there in Mid-December '18 and can recommend. Great place with nice pool. The owner Bob and his assistant Betsy are pretty nice and helpful.

There's another restaurant next to Tony's that I can recommend... but can't think of the name; maybe Corozal Blue. Beautiful grounds, really nice menu, great pizza.

WE are planning on moving there next year... what is your opinion of the economy and living prices there... It looks like a very clean town, and they people seem to be really nice.  We watch alot of the youtube videos... How expensive do you think it will be to live there.. we are looking into either a 2 bedroom apt or house...

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