Car taxation in Ethiopia

I wanted to buy a Chevrolet Camaro V6 3.5L from Dubai can u estimate the tax fee in Ethiopian birr.

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I am sure this subject has been discussed before on the forum so take the time to check other threads here.
Taxes run from 93% to 163%

Cost for your car will be;
Duty 35%
Excise tax 100%
Sur tax 10%
Withholding tax 3%

Owkay  can u estimate tht roughly in Ethiopian currency.

nati burte :

Owkay  can u estimate tht roughly in Ethiopian currency.

Why not be proactive and do that yourself !!

You need the cost of the vehicle, then work out each of the taxes and add them together. Easy isn't it. Then change that amount into Birr.

Also transport costs need to be calculated too.

If i had any clue would i be asking for help?
Anyways i just want a bit of a clue like estimate it

Unless you know the purchase price of the vehicle then it is impossible for anyone assist you.

60000 Australian dollar

nati burte :

60000 Australian dollar

You would have to pay tax of 148% of the purchase price. So total tax you would have to pay is
Aus$74,000 which is burr  1,456,340.

So you car would cost in total Aus$134,000.  Then you have to pay shipping.

What if i sell my car here and buy some from Dubai 38000Aed there. would it get any cheaper?

The taxation rate stays the same, so total cost would be aed 56,000 plus shipping. There is no way you can import a car to Ethiopia, sell it and make a profit.

Your right it is really hard i will just sell it and move back.

But you need to quote year and price for us to help

And any cash you get here for selling a car may bed very difficult to get out of Ethiopia

Am moving back to Ethiopia.
Sooo i sold my previous 6 cylinder chevrolet camaro because of the tax there.
what if i imported a 4 cylinder 2.0 liter 2017 Chevrolet Camaro for a price of 26000 Australian Dollar?
Can some one tell me the exact payment am going to have to pay there.
so i can decide once and for all!

Total tax payable is 148% of the purchase price. Tax will be $38,000 Australian dollars so your total cost will be 64,000 Australian dollars.

Hi Stumpy, thank you for answering so many questions about this topic.

What about a car that has been in the family for a while ? we have a Mitsubishi lancer 2011 we want to ship.

i got the tax part, ill calculate it myself. but i want to know how to evaluate the value of the car.

example on insurance it says x but if we were to sell it in the market it would bring a much lower price (Dubai Market). any suggestions ?

Hey stumpy one last question please what  about i get from USA same 4 cylinder 2.0 for 31000 usd how much would the tax be.......Thank you!

Tax is the same irrespective of which country it is imported from.

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