What to do to move to Belgium

Hello, first off I'll begin to tell you a little about me so you can have a better understanding of my situation. My name is Sierra I'm 19 and live in the USA. My boyfriend is 21 and lives in Belgium. I plan to move there definitely not this year or maybe not even next year. I just have absolutely no idea where to begin or where to start. Perhaps I'm asking the wrong place in regards to this message so I apologize in advance. But basically what I'm getting at, is what should I do? I have no passport or visa or health insurance, or a driver's license. Do you even need a license for a passport? I just dont know where to begin. It's frustrating and stressful. I can't just sit doing nothing when my boyfriend and I want to be together. I'd much rather live there than here. I am completely clueless on this stuff. I've done a lot of reading but I just dont know these things. My main question is, however, what is everything you need (document wise) to move to Belgium and what should you do when getting there? I want to live there, not visit. Even if you can't answer all my questions I definitely appreciate some help may given.

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