Advertising sector in Japan


I am Eve, 30, french living in London and working as an Art Director/Designer in the advertising industry, been more working more than 5 years in London for national and international clients.

To be honest United Kingdom current situation is... kinda ***, Brexit is coming fast and the country is running straight to a wall... so I am more and more thinking about re-expatriating myself.
Japan is one of the country I am considering for this second expatriation.
Why Japan you may ask?
Because I already been here, I have friends here, I know well the culture and etiquette, and I can speak a little bit of the language. I am thinking of applying for a WHV.
My main question is: how easy it is for a AD/designer to find a job there? How is the market at the moment? Are the Olympic Games already impacting the recruitment of foreigners?

Hope someone will be able to answer y question.

Have a great day


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