Is 50 KEur/year enough, two people Vienna

Hi guys, I know few answer have been given in this topic. Just would like to understand if 50 K EUR is enough for 2 people live in Vienna no kids.
For what I have seen that salary leaves aprox 2350 EUR net per month. Looking at the flats seems that 1000 EUR is the standard. Plus 200 EUR gas, electricity, what I am counting on.  Then food 500 EUR per person, 1000, not much left after that for transport and so on.
Let me know what your thoughts are!

Many thanks!

Firstly let me welcome to the forum Avelino :)

€50,000 is well above the average wage in Austria. The numbers you are giving are..... I'm trying to get my head around. If you want to live the high life then you can pay megabucks,

€500 per person for food? Whaaaaat?? What do you plan to eat?

Thank you! I just thought was more expensive because in work sometimes need to eat out and thought 1000 EUR for two people including households needed and other staff would be necessary. Really good to know
I have been in Germany many times and I have an idea and I know prices are ok. always thought Austria was much more expensive, specially Vienna,

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