Thesis about Americans in Belgium. fill it in please :)

Dear American(s),

We are two high school students from Belgium. We are currently in our last year, and therefore we have to make a thesis. We chose “Americans in Belgium” as our subject. To have an actual research we made a short inquiry. We would really appreciate it if you took some time to fill it in.

What is your first name?

How old are you?

Where are you originally from?

Where do you live in Belgium?

Why do you live there?

With whom do you live there?

How long are you going to live there?

Do you speak the local language?

Do you think it is necessary?

What was your first impression of Belgium? Do you like it there?

What do you think about the Belgians?

Do you like living there? What are the positive/negative aspects of Belgium?

Are there any differences between the U.S. and Belgium? Resemblances? (culture)

Is Belgium expensive to live?

Thank you for your time!

Yours sincerely,

Yasemin Vandeputte
Esra Duran

P.S. you can send this back to dadasguzeli_1991[at]

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