Experiences of working in Rodrigues

I am British married to a Mauritian. We are currently based in UK. We have the possibility of coming to work for a year or 2 in Rodrigues and I wondered if there are any expats here who live there? I have been there on holiday and am aware it is much smaller and quieter than Mauritius! We will be coming with 2 children aged 3 and 1. We all speak/understand French.
Thanks for any information.


Very few expats in Rodrigues are jobs, even in the private sector, are prioritized for Rodriguans first, then Mauritians, then expats.

The few expats in Rodrigues that I know have set up small businesses or working for research purposes.
Your two children, unless they are used to a largely rural lifestyle,  may find it difficult to adapt as there's much less to do compared to Mauritius.

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