Entry Almost Get Rejected by ICA

hi everyone!

i’m Bompy. I would like to share with you my experience and like to hear your suggestions/ opinion. *sorry for the long story and bad grammar*

I have been living in Singapore for more than a year for reasons of studying here. my student pass was expired on the 22nd of last month. I returned to Indonesia before the 22nd of last month (which was July), I stayed in Indonesia for about 2 weeks. Then I returned on July 23 because I had to attend graduation on the 29th.

I wrote on the white card (or the embarkation card (?)) Will stay for 14 days, and writing for the next city is Jakarta. then when i was at the immigration counter, this man asked why I stayed in Singapore for 14 days. I explained "I have to attend the graduation ceremony on the 29th. And the place I live in is rented." then he let me in. nothing happens.

i stay for about 3 weeks in singapore, and i think maybe it's easier if i go to batam one day then come back again to renew how long i stay in singapore. (for your information, why do I have to live in Singapore until the end of August? Because my condo rental ended at the end of August. And I haven't handled much and haven’t cleaned it for move out.) And as far as I know, we can stay for 30 days in Singapore. (correct me if i 'm wrong).

then I went to Batam on August 12 and returned to Singapore on August 13. I asked my boyfriend (singaporean) to accompany me. when I returned on the 13th, I was given a lot of questions (which I had a feeling i would be refused to enter Singapore). before I continued the story, I wrote on the white card (embarkation card) I will stay 7 days (which I heard, I can still stay less than a month.) While at the immigration counter, this man asked "come here with whom" “what would you do for 7 days stay in Singapore "" have you gone to school here? "" where is this residence? "" can i see the ticket back? " (which I have not yet bought.) etc etc. I answer honestly as is. then he called someone to take me to one of the rooms. there I was told to wait a few minutes. first he calls for thumb finger print, then I am told to enter the waiting room. the second he called and asked "what is your purpose to come to singapore" "have you gone to school here? Where is the school? "" Where is this place of residence? "" Have you bought the ticket back? can the e-ticket be shown? "" why not buy a ticket? " " You will only stay for 7 days right? "etc etc. I answer honestly. I did always buy tickets in the end, because of the sudden fear of extending my stay. then he stamped and invited me to come out. then I gave a passport to ICA people, and they invited me to enter Singapore.

i checked my passport and they not given me any stamp that i couldn’t stay for more than 7 days or anything suspicious.

my question is should i stay until the end of august? or just go back to indonesia after a week staying here?

i’m so confused because it’s my first time in this situation. please help meeee😭😱😭

If you spend little more time by reading through our earlier threads then you don’t need to ask these questions nor you have to write your long message.

We have said plenty of times on following rules and guidelines as below:

1. Always bring return ticket as and when you enter. Accommodation details must be carrying.

2. When you re-enter in short span of time, you must have a valid reason that why are you coming here (which you had that you are coming here to attend graduation ceremony).

3. When you re-enter, you must spend at least 5 days to 1 week outside Singapore (which you did, went to your home for 2 weeks).

4. In third time when you went to Batam then return on day after, you broken all the above rules. Neither you had return ticket, nor you had valid reason to come third time, nor you stayed a week outside Singapore etc. You are very lucky that after they had questioned, allow you to enter Singapore. Many cases, they deny your entry which means you are banned.

So, to answer your last question, you can see in White embarkation card, how many days they have given. If it’s 7 days then leave on 6th day. If it’s 30 days then leave on 29th day. DONT VISIT again at least for next few months (may be 6 months or so), unless you get proper pass like student pass or work pass etc. There is a high chance you will be banned to enter on 4th time, if you try.

One suggestion, if you have Singaporean bf, better marry him so that he can apply LTVP or LTVP plus and you can stay here without such issues. Good luck

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