PR after retained right of residency of EEA family Member

I got my retained right of 05 years residency (biometric card ) on 02/2018.

I came to UK on 06/2013 ,i got married with my ex-wife(polish) on 08/2013 and i got my first 05 years residency as a family member on 01/2015. which is after nearly one year and half of waiting and the appeal .

My ex applied for divorce on 09/2016 after 3 years of marriage and we got the divorce absolute on 02/2017.

From 01/2015 to 12/2015 : i been unemployed for 4months (support my self from my savings).

from  01/2016 until now : i been unemployed for 03 months (support my self from my savings).

I never applied for jobseeker allowance .

I would like to ask you please ,when i should apply for PR residency ?

If the gaps for been unemployed gonna affect my application for PR ?

Kind regards,


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