Successes in your career in Ukraine


Becoming an expat means starting over in a new country, and a lot of times that also means starting over in your career as well.

How have your skills and experiences evolved since moving to Ukraine?

What does being successful in your career mean to you?

Can you share some tips about what to do and what to avoid in order to advance in your professional career in Ukraine?

Can you share an inspirational career story with us?

Did you have to change careers or adapt your career to fit the job demands in Ukraine?

How do you balance a successful career with your personal and social life?

What are the benefits of having work experience in different countries?

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not only Ukraine all of the world whether you don't know their Language , you always be ready all kind of Problem, so same in Ukraine too, if you don't have access in Russian or Ukrainian Language, you should be in problem, many people's will cheat you, some one will said you, about your nationality, or about Temporary Resident documents, or Permanents residents documents, for work permit, for marry, and as long will face problem until you will follow Russian language and you start understand, than you will start got success in little and onward till more experience in speaking language, so MAIN THING IS LANGUAGE ACCESS IN ANY COUNTRY,

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