moving to gothenburg

Dear Sir/Miss,

    My name is Rafe'e Bin Jafree, I was born in Kota Kinabalu Sabah and now I'm living in Shah Alam Selangor. I am 23 y/o and a fresh gradute from University Technology Mara in Bachelor Science (Hons) Material Science.

     I have questions to Sir/Miss, First of all, is it possible for me to migrate to Sweden ?. Why I want to migrate there because I know that Sweden got a very good environment, weather and nature. Also Sweden is a wold leader of innovation. I am planning that if i can go there I want to apply some jobs that related to my field of study. During my work, I also planning to continue my Degree Master in Material Science and Technology as a part time. Next reason is, I find out that Sweden is okay with same sex marriage, in my country this is not allowed and if they know my real sex attraction, they will force me to change my natural feeling that I cannot change.

      Second, If I can migrate to Sweden, what should I do for the first step until last step. Third, how I want to get a working visa or study visa ?. Why I want to get a job in Sweden and study there, because I want to change my life to be better. As you know rate of salary in Sweden is higher than Malaysia. As a technology people, Sweden is one of the best country that has a intelligence and brilliant technologies, So from that I can learn more about technologies.

       I guess for now that are the questions that I am wondering since I want to migrate to Sweden. I hope Sir/Miss can reply my questions soon and help me to find out the solutions. Thank you.


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