Residency and CPR without address

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I’ve got a job in Copenhagen and I’m now looking at trying to rent an apartment. The landlords I have been in contact are asking for my CPR number, and will not rent out a place without me providing this.  I’m not sure how to get this without having an address first.

It looks like I get a residency cert. then the CPR but both ask for an address when making the application. Can you use a hotel, air b&b, or short let rental address for these? If not it seems like a problem I can’t get around if I can’t rent a property without this CPR number.

Any help would be appreciated.


A CPR number is strictly confidential, a number which you shall only use when you are in touch with the authorities, banks and insurance companies.

Therefore, never ever give your CPR number away. Keep the number as a secret as it's the key to your private life. Are you sure that you have been in contact with honest landlords and not scammers?

The very, very best would be if your employer could help you as housings aren't the easiest thing in the world to find.

This is a market where I'll advise you to be cautious because of many scammers. If you find a room/apartment, you're welcome to send me a pm and I shall see what I can find out. You cannot find the housing in advance, you've got to see it. Even getting the key in hand isn't always enough as some dishonest people rent an air b&b for some days, set up an ad, pretend to be the owner, get your money, give you the key ......... and then the real owner returns. Especially be cautious if the ad is in English as ads are normally written in Danish. Serious landlords look for tenants in general, not for foreigners.

Wait until you have arrived, and then start finding a room where you can register. If the landlord will not allow this, leave him. … they_dont/

Let the employer help you if it's possible. If not, find a temporary place (hotel, hostel, ..........) for the first time after your arrival. It's not a good idea to find an abiding place from home even if it would be nice to have a place from the very beginning.


Thanks a lot for this info Nellie. That clears up a lot.

Thank you for you offer, I may contact you later about any places we find.

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