Short-Term rental in and around Birkirkara

Hello Everyone:

I will be moving to Malta in mid-April and my work will be in Birkirkara. To start with and to get a feel for the country, i would like something in or around Birkirkara and short-term. Monthly or say 3-months. That should give me enough time to find something long-term. I prefer a place with minimum 2-bedroom, bright and clean. Budget is maximum 700-800 Euros.

If you are a direct owner, please contact me. I don't mind paying agent's fee for the long-term rental ;-) but for short-term I would prefer to deal directly with owners.

Hi odaku,

Please drop an advert in the Housing in Malta section of the website so that you may get some offers.

Have a look at these websites as well : … tegory=246

All the best,

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