Looking for work


My husband and I came to kuwait approximately 1 month ago.  We are from Toronto, Ontario. I have over 15 yrs experience in customer service and my husband has over 10 yrs experience in health and safety from Canada.

We were brought here on false hope. My husband has family here and they told us that it would be so easy to find work here with our experience and our Canadian Nationality. What they failed to inform us is that here they use the policy “who you know and not what you know”.

We have been desperately looking for work. We came here on a tourist visa and our visa expires in April 2018.

Can anyone help us or give advice?


What do you mean "you were brought here"? Be honest to yourself and just say that you chose to come here based on expectation that did not come through.

That being said, I see that you quickly learned that here in many cases it is about who you are and what you know. Also, your Canadian passport does give you a lot of bonus points. Personally I would have expected you to find the job fairly easy, but maybe expecting it to happen within one month is a tad optimistic.

My advice would be to go back home and apply for work from there, unless you can afford to stay here for a longer time.

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