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Hi?i'm looking for a youth soccer/football coaching job....befor i was working hear in bangkok for some few international schools as a coach ..so i'm back in bangkok...any help i will be very happy..

Hi Selegigo,

I am providing this advice based on my experience; however this is only a guideline things may vary upon circumstances and other related factor and also you are seeking a job that is not related to O&G or Engineering or a Management sector. I am residing in Bangkok since 2013 and in 2016 the company I was working wound its Thailand operations and since then I am hunting for a job. To be candid my qualifications and experience is outstanding than any candidate for this designation. I am a Bachelor in Civil Engineering, Masters in Structural Engineering, Masters in Financial Management, Masters in Project Management, Masters in International Commercial Law, Masters in International Business law and a certified Arbitrator and that too from reputed and  ranked Universities from the UK, Scotland, Australia, the US and India.  I have a certification in Contracts Law from Harvard Law School (Massachusetts). With all these academic qualifications and my 15 years of experience  I approached to international recruiting agencies and head-hunters, however instead of enquiring about my qualifications and experience the first question was about my Nationality and after that a plagiarised response that unfortunately we cannot help you and currently we are only hiring locals, if there are any suitable opportunity we have your resume in our record and will contact you at the earliest .Now it is approx24 months but still no one contacted me I kept on applying but no response at all. I even contacted them but same answer.

Nevertheless, it’s up to you how you can market yourself in this country. If you have a good network connection and do not belong to a third state then you can secure a job without any hustle.

Thanks and have a successful job hunt

Thank you so much sir!!

kedar007  Today 08:05:04

If you would like, you can become this forum's job seekers responder...  In a given week this forum may get 10 or more posters asking for help with finding a job and most of the expats just ignore the posts.

Just copy your post over and over for each job seeker and that should help end these posts.

Kindly... Zeus

Dear Zeus,

This is the first time I am responding to a post for a job seeker, habitually I do not respond as someone do but as no one responded this gentleman so I decided to provide him a clear scenario, he shouldn’t feel neglected in this world.

Have a great week ahead!

Thanks a lot!

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