Mixed Marriage in Morocco

Dear Everyone,

Hello. I am Arafat B. , an asian Filipino (Philippines) muslim expat and currently working in Saudi Arabia.

This coming April 2018 on my annual vacation from my current employer in Saudi, I will going to Morocco finally to marry a Moroccan Girl and we are so in love with each other. We just met online  and are already knew each other a lot .

The only problem on the documents I may not submit nor athenticate is the Employment Certificate.  That’s why I am very worried if  the morocco court will not approve my request to marry my first and only love of my life . Do you think it’s possible to replace the Employement Certificate with my Current Bank Statement here in Saudi Arabia showing my monthly payroll and the salary amount as proof of being Employed and along with these Bank statements are my Current Employer Contract (xerox copy) plus all current ID’s (photocopies) i am using here in Saudi Arabia (Expatriates ID, Driver Liscence, Professional Membership ID, Medical card).   

Or sometime will the court approve the marriage without Employment Certificate??

Any comments please give me advice.

‘Shukran Khateeran’. ‘Barakallahu Fikhum’

Arafat B

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