Thinking of moving Croatia from the UK post brexit

Hello all.

Myself and my partner are considering moving to croatia from the UK.
We have lots of questions, can anyone help?
Can we live in croatia and work for a UK company (It's a website company), if ao does anyone know what this would mean in terms of tax?
How would the above affect the employer based in the uk?
Will we even be able to move to croatia when Brexit is done?
Will we need to get a work visa?
What should our first poet of call be?
I've read so much I'm confused about the uncertainty of us being able to make this move with the UK leaving the EU. 😔
Thanks you all.

Croatia has long had a business visa tied to being an owner/part owner or director of a Croatian company- so regardless of Brexit that is one path to residency. I guess a lot depends on when moves, my understanding is the general discussions underway if a Brit is a resident before next March they will be "grandfathered in"  and keep residency status. I think one of main things to consider is
health insurance requirements.

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