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Our family are investigating the potential in relocating to Mauritius?
We would want to purchase beach front private property complete with large house in an estate.

some questions:-

Our oldest son is currently doing his 3rd year chiropracter decree in a South African university. Would he be able to transfer to a university?

What other schooling options are there for our younger children?

Health care?

Food, water, electricity and internet?




Estates where foreigners are allowed to purchase property are not really beach-front, but located more inland.

It would be better for your son to complete his degree in SA before moving to Mauritius as chiropractic study is not very developed in Mauritius.

There are private English and French primary and secondary schools offering International Baccalaureate and other international study programs and curriculum.

There is public healthcare which is free for locals but rates will be applied for foreigners. There are also private healthcare institutions and practices where you will need a health cover.

Food and water will depend on your lifestyle and consumption.

Internet will depend on the package you opted for and the service provider.

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