Using Champus in Chaing Mai

I was wondering if there were anyone on this forum using Champus for their health care coverage and if they had any problems with it?  Was it easy to set up and how quick were the reimbursements?

Your talking about Tricare?

Sort of kind of.  The health care system if you're retired US military but not yet 66 and then I think Tricare for life kicks in.  Champus pays 75% of the bill but you must pay upfront for the care.

It's not called CHAMPUS anymore. The new name is Tricare. I didn't know they paid for treatment overseas.

Well, whatever they call it retired US military and their family can use it overseas unlike medicare.  So, Ruffian are you retired US military living in Chiang Mai?

Well, "ex" USNR, but not "retired" as such. :)

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