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Hi Guys,

Thanks in advance for reading the below!

As a family, we are looking to relocate to Cape Town.  My wife is South African, so we have been to Cape Town many times in the past.  We actually got married here!!

In the U.K we own our own business, and we also have a property development/refurbishment company. Basically we buy and sell properties for a profit.

I am looking for some advice?! Is there the opportunity in Cape Town to develop properties like we are currently doing in the UK?

For example - buy a house that requires updating, then sell when it has been refurbished for a profit?

We would really need this to be a feasible business, as we are not skilled in other areas of work. We both have degree's but not in specific fields. i.e. Doctors, Nurse Mechanic etc

Any advice/help would be really appreciated

Thanks very much!!

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