Anybody moving to Shanghai around February in Jing'an?

Hey Everyone!

My names Ben and I'll be moving to Shanghai around middling February. It's the first time I've ever gone abroad to China and it would be great to make some friends! Maybe even going to do some early sightseeing would be great. I'll be around for six months or so, if anybody wants to help me make a group don't hesitate to comment.

Hi Ben,

Count me in :)

I will be in Shanghai from mid February onward, so sightseeing and getting around the city is a must.

Hi Ben
How's your trip to Shanghai so far? I am a Beijing native lived in Shanghai for a few months.
Interested to go sightseeings. And can do translations.

Hi Everyone,

I have recently moved to Shanghai as well and will be working here. I am also looking for friends to explore the city.

Hey everyone!

Want to organise a meet-up to go sightseeing this saturday? Anybody who is interested inbox me and I'll give you my whatsapp

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