Japanese mother moving from US back to Japan


My senior Japanese mother (who is a US citizen) is considering moving back to Japan. She's interested in a senior-living type of facility where she can live independently and have her own room.

Can anyone recommend one in Kanagawa-ken (preferably Yokohama area)?

Thank you!

Regarding your mother moving back to Japan, I had similar situation with my own mom moving back to Japan about two years ago and I can tell you from our experience that apartment for seniors you pretty much have to be on the waiting list and that's likely scenario with many senior living places throughout Japan. I'm not sure if your mom require assistance, hospice care, etc., but that sort of facilities also require registration and be placed on the waiting list.
There are lot's of high-end apartments or condos for seniors around Tokyo, Yokohama, Chiba, etc. but they're quite expensive. My suggestions is to hire a capable senior living professional in Yokohama area who can provide you with accurate information regarding room availability, price, requirements, etc.

Also, I'm not sure about your mother's age but Japanese immigration will require a verifiable means of income such as social security from U.S., financial assistance from sons and/or daughter who reside in Japan, or proof of adequate savings showing financial independence.

I hope this helps.
Good luck.


Hello! You’ve certainly given me some things to think about. I appreciate your response. Thank you for the reply!


I saw your post and am just curious as to how old your mother is and whether she might be interested in living in a shared house in Tokyo.  I rent a large house in Osaki (16 minutes/one stop to Yokohama) with several rooms.  My husband is recovering from a stroke and is not really able to move the left side of his body much.  He will be coming out of the rehab hospital in 3 months and I am looking to rent to someone who will spend a good part of the day at home (retired person/artist/writer) so that he will not be alone in the house all day.  He is 65 years old but very young at heart.  He’s Japanese but can speak English reasonably well.  The house is very large, and your mother could have a private room, fully furnished.   There is a system kitchen, two toilets, lots of storage space and air-con in every room.  If your mother is capable of doing some light cleaning, meal  preparation, etc., I could  offer her a very low rent or possibly some payment for her service.  If she is able-bodied, this might give her something to do.  The room would be available from March, and my husband will be home on April 20th.  Please let me know if you are interested.  Thanks and kind regards.


Thank you so much for reaching out! What a wonderful opportunity you've presented. I will pass your info on to her to see if she might be interested, although I'm not sure if she would be a good candidate for you as she's 81. And even though she is very healthy and mobile she is definitely "slowing down" in her golden years.

Best of luck to you!

Hello again, Jade, is it?

Thank you for your reply.  I must admit that I was a bit surprised at your mother’s age, as it seems quite an ambitious move for someone of that age, but I understand how people can feel drawn back to their roots as they get older.  My dad feels the same pull towards Austria, though he has lived most of his life in Canada.  But my dad is 86, and not really well or mobile enough to do that.  I’m glad to hear that your mother is still in such good shape.  Can she still climb stairs?

By all means, please run the idea by her, and I’ll also speak to my husband about it.  Would she be all right sharing the house with 4 or 5 other people?

Hello again! Sounds like my mom is definitely not interested in living with others and feels she would not be very much help to you. Thank you again for reaching out!

Hi there,

I completely understand, and it’s no problem at all.  I hope she finds a living situation that’s ideal for her.  I don’t know what her budget is, but one of my private students has an elderly sister-in-law who recently moved into a nursing home/seniors’ residence that costs about $2500/month near Kamakura (not far from Yokohama).  Apparently it’s a very nice place with delicious meals.  She has her own room, but goes down to the dining room for meals, and all her laundry is done for her.  I don’t know what your mother’s budget is, but if you’d be interested in something like that, I could get more details for you.  There’s a home just around the corner from my house, too, but I believe it’s over $3000/month.

Please let me know if there’s anything I might be able to help you with.

Best regards,


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