Shanghai Hongqiao/Gubei area

Our move to Shanghai is imminent (this month actually) and it is pretty daunting to decide where to live when you have a family and know nothing about the place. Since my husband will be commuting to the Hongqiao airport I figure living in the Hongqiao/Gubei area makes sense unless it’s the worse place then we would look else where. We will have some time in a hotel while we look for a place so I figure narrowing it down to a specific area makes it easier. Anyone here live in the area? What are your thoughts? We don’t want to be out in the boonies either as we love walking to restaurants and shops so a place that is great for raising a family while being close to those amenities and good primary schools would be nice. Also we won’t be driving so closeness to public transportation is a must. Please tell me the + and – of living there. Thanks!

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