Legal Advice - Animal Abuse

I live in Sai Kung and frequent to East Point City Shopping Centre in Tsueng Kwan O. I found that the shopping centre recently set an animal trap and used a laser gun, trying to kill 10 house sparrows, which accidentally flied into the shopping centre when it opened a window.

I called AFCD but the staff told me only to call it when I found a dead bird. I subsequently called SPCA and the SPCA staff asked me to directly negotiate it with the shopping centre as SPCA is only a "CIVIL SOCIETY" and it couldn't do nothing about it. I was so shocked to get an answer like this as I have been a SPCA member for years and made a donation to the organization every month.

Nevertheless, could anyone provide me any legal advice on the following issues?
1) Does any “civil society” in Hong Kong help rescue these poor animals?
2) Does SPCA have any authority over the issue?
3) Does East Point City Shopping Centre have any legal right to kill birds in such brutal way?

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