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So I'm a 27 year old male coming from a smal town in Norway and I want to be an actor in LA or NY. Yeah, I know it's lame and I'v never really done anything about this dream before, never even took a class. All I ever did was work with computers and it was/is very boring. Now something has changed, my apparment burned in a house fire, no one died but I lost everything I owned and my inssurance is way to small. I've lived here all my life and really only have a few good friends left so I'm not particularry atached to this place. Currently I'm living at a motel so what do I have to lose? About 20.000$ in insurrance money thats not even enough to get a new appartment... Is this just stupid or should I go with the "you only live once" philosophy? Really lost right now but feel like I'm closing inn on something, I know I want acting and singing lessons no matter where I go and no more computer work.


Moving to the US will require a work visa. In order to obtain a work visa you will need a company to file a petition on your behalf. Unfortunately, you will have a much easier time to obtain a work visa in the capacity of an IT professional than an aspiring actor.

Good luck in any case

Your dream is not lame, but it is a dream.

Any luck?

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