D- Visa Rejected - Gross Negligence in documents checking


My wife's D-Visa was rejected last month. The visa officer did not check our passport stamps properly. We went of Honeymoon after the wedding. But she assumed that the passport stamp for exiting India means I came back to Norway.  She did not even bother to check passport of my wife (which we submitted along with D-Visa application). My wife's passport has stamps from our honeymoon trip (to Bali).

This mistake made the visa officer to think that me and my wife did not spend much time after marriage.  She rejected the visa.

We appealed against the decision,  and the embassy in New Delhi said that they will reply within 3 weeks. It has been more than 3 weeks now,  and no response on visa appeal.

What to do ?  I read on UDI website that in case of D-visa rejection, the embassy has 2 choices

1. either change the decision (after realizing the mistake they made earlier in document checking). We provided flight tickets, boarding passes etc from our Bali trip after wedding,  and my trip back to Norway 1 month after the wedding. We also submitted some pictures from our honeymoon trip.

2. Send the appeal to UDI (and then UDI takes 3 months, which defeats the purpose of the D-visa).

What to do in this situation now?  I cant understand why wont the visa officer correct her mistake ?  Did they take it on their ego ? Totally frustrated with 5 weeks wait for D-visa (which usually takes 1 week in India)

Please comment your opinion.  Help please?

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