Hej! Little introduction.


Hi to everyone,
My name is Goran, 24 years old, and I am planning to move from Croatia to Sweden(Göteborg), at mid of January or begging of February.
I have experience in working as a barman, in beach clubs, bars, etc. As well as in tourism and hospitality.
Both of us are very neat, responsible, and good financial.
For now, the primary problem is finding apartment or room, at Göteborg.
Is there anyone who can provide some pieces of information about it?
We are very active on websites as are blocket.se and facebook pages for 'bostad'.


Hi GoranBuntic,

Welcome to the forum :)

You will find more info and some websites which might me helpful in the Accommodation in Gothenburg article. Furthermore, feel free to drop an advert in the Housing in Gothenburg section of the website, you might get some offers.

All the best,

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