Settling down

Hi people.

I have a girlfriend in Koumassi, Abidjan.
We have been "together" for 2 years and we have stayed in contact every day since we met the first time.
(I have pictures and flight tickets to prove it in case we can get married)

I met her there while I was there for work. We met where she served food.
The first time I was there I remember how we just look at each other and smile.. Secound time we tried to communicate.
She didn't speak any english and I didn't even understand french..
Now I understand a little and can speak a little. (Writing is another story..)
She now has her own small business and are attending english school some days a month and now she can speak some english.
But we are communicating in our own way with a little English, French and Norwegian (Yes, I live in Norway)

My situation:

The ideal thing would be if she could come and stay here with me in Norway.
I don't even know where to begin?
Does someone have any experience with this?

We want to get married.

We want to get married both places.
Abidjan, so her friends can be there with us. And whats left of her small family (mother and father passed away)
And in Norway so my family and friends can be with us too.

Is it possible to get her to come to Norway for a visit so she can meet my family?
It seems very difficult to visit Norway from Ivory Coast..

I've been to Abidjan MANY times and I thrive there!
If I can't get my love to Norway, I'll move there if I can.

Then I would love to know how I start my journey.
I mean, there's so many people in this world, but when you only have one on your mind.. It should be possible to be together.. Right?

Hope someone out there have some experience or knowledge about my situation.
I just don't know where to begin.
Thanks in advance.

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