Cape Town compared to Namibia

I am from Cape Town, Northern Suburbs.  I am specifically hoping to hear from expats who have moved from Northern Suburbs to either Windhoek or Swakopmund. 

I have recently had my first baby and would like to know if Namibia is a safer place to raise my child and if he will have better opportunities growing up there than in South Africa (with reference to crime,  BBE,  education,  etc.)

I would also like to know if someone is familiar with both South Africa (specifically Cape Town) and Namibia in order to tell me how lifestyles compare to each other?  As well as cost of living.

If we were to move,  it would either be to Windhoek or Swakop,  but seeing that we are not familiar with either,  which would be preferable and why?  (Economically, family lifestyle, etc) **for example, in SA you earn alot more and pay alot less for houses in Johannesburg compared to Cape Town, but crime and family life is better in Cape Town compared to Jhb's metropolitan feel.

I am a newly qualified foundation phase teacher (Gr.R to Gr. 3), my husband is a Professional Architectural draightsman and we have a baby boy.

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