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Hello everyone
I am from UK and am considering what the pros and cons are of living in BA on a long term basis.  I have been here for two months (one month to go) and plan to return in March after the heat of the summer has passed.  I love sunshine but decided Spring and Fall were the best seasons to start with.  I think I could afford to buy and to live here though I find the prices a little crazy - moderately cheap beer etc and very expensive basics (even bread).  The high rents mean property seems cheaper to buy than rent on a long term basis though I understand some of the pitfalls of buying when it is difficult to sell again.
My basic question concerns good areas to live and the level of community and other taxes paid just to live in the city.  Everyone seems to recommend Recoleta and Palermo though I must confess I find Recoleta a little stuffy/posh and Palermo seems overwhelmed by tourists in the Soho Bohemian sections.
I feel comfortable in Almagro where I am renting (Tucuman) though it is very noisy and the cartoneros do their night work nearby.
Any suggestions on unexpected beauty spots and nice areas to rent and buy welcomed!
thankyou all

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