What to expect after denial of Re Entry visa

Ciao tutti!

I am Sruthi, an Indian citizen who did her Masters at NABA, Milan. You may have noticed that I posted a few hours back with respect to entering Italy using an expired appointment slip for permit to seek job.

This thread is in relation to the denial of my re entry visa by the Consulate General of Italy in Mumbai. I had applied under the Re entry category because I had the original appointment letter and receipt. Sadly, it has been 10 months since I left the country and nearly 6 months since my appointment date.

Now after the denial of the visa, I am asked to catch a flight from my residing city and travel to Mumbai to collect a document from the Consulate General explaining the reasons why the Questura declined my 'nulla osta'.

Is it normal for them to ask the candidate to be physically present to sign this document? An earlier communication from the Consulate suggested that I would receive this document by mail that I had to sign and send back. If I hadn't called them to check up on it yesterday, after waiting for a week, they wouldn't have told me that I need to be physically present at the Consulate to do this.

If anyone has any further comments or opinions, I suggest you reply to this thread

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