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While Dutch college tuition for non-EU citizens is nowhere near the astronomical price I pay for my education here in America, I find one thing quite difficult to grasp. From what I am understanding, universities in the Netherlands would require me to pay my tuition up front. Say I want to study for my master's degree, for example. That is two years at university. If my master's is 15,000 eur per year, are they wanting me to pay 30,000 eur when I get to the Netherlands? If not, then how soon? I'm hoping someone in my situation has some experience with this.

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This website may help you in your journey.  It also says you have the option to pay in monthly instalments. :)

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Hello, i am an Indonesian. I had admitted in Wageningeb University and Research for a master program that will be started in February. The problem is I can't find any scholarship which can cover my tuition fee and living expenses. Is there anyone here who can help me or have any information about the sponsorship for my study?

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This link may help you.

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Thank you so much! I notice this is refering to UK students, but I hope it is the same for non-EU students as well :)

Hello, I am Ethiopian and Studying veterinary medicine in Ethiopia now I'm studying my fifth year class, I want to study in the Netherlands and want help how can I achieve this?

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