Best way to get an IT job in Uruguay

Dear expats,
Uruguay is a total mystery country for me currently. But I learnt some encouraging things about immigrating to there. I don't know the current IT trends in the country but I plan to be a front-end web developer. How can I get an IT job there? Which companies tend to hire people with remote interviews? I speak English and Spanish very well. And I know you say "why don't you go check the internet?" but what I'm looking for is real life experience not some polished internet info.
I would appreciate any comment. Thank you.

Hi Dincel,

I am working here in Uruguay in a software company and can definitely help you with all your queries.

Can you please share me your whatsapp number or any other contact?


Dear Ash
Pls guide me as I am moving to Uruguay in coming couple of months. How to find cheap accommodation, job and school for kids

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