Moving to Sweden in December. Stockholm or Gothenburg?

Hello everyone.
I'm Maria, chilean professional currently living in Paris.
I'm moving to Sweden in the mid of December and I would love to hear about your own experience as expats.
I'm already looking for accomodation, because I know that its not an easy task in Stockholm, so if you can give me an advice about which neighborhoods are nice and not to expensive it would be great. It's really important to be close to city centre or not so much? Because for example, here in Paris I decided to rent in the heart of the city and it was expensive and unnecesary, because the public transport works really good. It is better to look for a place in the outskirts of Stockholm?
And about the language, I clearly don't speak swedish (but I want to learn). I speak Spanish, English and French. Do you think that it could be hard for me to look for a job? I'm Dentist by profession, but my intention is to work in some temporal unskilled jobs. I'm not looking for something pretentious  ;) 
Anyway. I've chose Stockholm because I imagine that it could be easy because of the language, as a capital and cultural centre of Scandinavia, but Gothenburg seems really interesting also. Anyone living there who can share his experience?.
And to finish this lovely post, It's gonna be my first scandinavian winter, so if any of you can give me advices about what to wear or any specific material or brand, it will be great. :D


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