Looking for an english speaking friend in Busan, South Korea


I'm moving to Busan next year in the middle of January 2018 to do my internship there. Although, i'll be accompanied by a friend there from where i am from. But i would love to have a friend prior moving into that place. Hopefully, a friend that can help around the place by showing us the way and everything that's useful to go around Busan (or surviving there, haha.) But nevertheless, i would love to make new friends there regardless of it :)

I'm living in Busan now!  I can help you with anything as possible as I can.
I'm college student attending busan national university.


Sure, that would be kind of you and thank you so much :) Here's my Kakaotalk : ***

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hi. how are u? i am in Daegu. keep in touch to my kt hunkye. lets talk.

how are you doing? sorry I lost my account and got it back now..

Are you still living in Busan?  I’m moving there and looking for friends to hang out and do things with.

I'm moving to Busan myself in one week and I'll be here for a year so if you're reading this anytime between February 2019 - March 2020 then reply and we'll get a beer. Thanks!


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