How many current users are in UB now?

I have signed up for this site about an year ago but there was only one topic that got any comments.

Compared to other websites expats use this one seems lacking in many ways.
I want to do a survey of sorts to determine how many users are using
and how many of those people are currently in UB?

I guess I'll break the silence.  I live in UB, and yes it's hard not to notice the low level of activity in this forum.  I don't think this is due to anything specific with the site owner; it seems their admins do appear to make some efforts to spur conversation by introducing topics (often cookie-cutter topics, some being relevant and some not).  I suspect the biggest reason is that there's not nearly so many expats living in UB (English-speaking anyway) compared to similar-sized cities in other countries.  Mongolia has its charms, but lets face it the comparatively lower level of infrastructure and especially the climate is probably a turn-off for many in terms of a place to live.  That leaves those coming for work-related reasons (often not much more than a year or two in length) and the minority of us who don't mind the cold much or missing a few familiar conveniences.  So that's probably not a lot to build an active forum off of.  No big deal, it is what it is.  As for myself, I confess to being more introverted and not a social butterfly, so I tend to read more than talk/write.  Wouldn't be surprised if there are dozens here who are the same.

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