Expats unite

Hi fellow expats,

I know we are a minority in Mongolia but much like this country we are free and wild with a lot of good vibes to offer.

The beautiful thing about Mongolia is that you only have one city where almost all of us congregate and there's a saying for such a city. It is a room and salon. Meaning everybody knows everybody else's business.

I want to start a thread where we expats can share knowledge, stories, opportunities, hangouts, and so much more.

Let me start. I'm 37 from Los Angeles. I own several internet properties that permit me to travel.

As you might see from my avatar, I'm currently in Egypt.  I don't think any Mongol came this far and saw the pyramids. Haha. Tons of Chinese though ;)

My next stop is Mongolia by summer. What do I have forward to look for?

Hahahahaha..... you are going to think you died and went to heaven. I will respond more in detail later, however, the time to hit Mongolia right, is about May 18. This is the time the sun begins to warm the earth and the Steppe's again come alive. As you are aware, I am now in SA, however Nickbert and Clancy are still in Mongolia. I would definitely hook up with them (send contact requests), as they are both expats who have found the formula to amicably intermember into the culture while not going completely native (something I would not recommend). Clancy in particular is a cowboy of sorts (old junior Rodeo guy), and would be a great partner to take you horseback riding through the Steppe's. Also has a hollow-leg and fun to toss down a few cool frosties with. Like me, he also knows all the good watering holes. I do regret not becoming better acquainted with Nickbert as he seemed to be a great guy and sure would have had great times and good memories paling around UB together. However, my J-O-B kept me popping for most of my stay as I was working in the Gobi a couple days each week while there. There are countless first must-do's in UB, but I would place Mongolia’s National Museum at the head of the list.

The one thing I will suggest, the longer you are in the Land of the Big Blue Sky, the more you will become captivated by your surroundings, allure of the people and parts of your soul tied to this land. I am convinced, even with the harsh winters, had I stayed longer, I would have married a Mongolian lady, accepted a permanent position with one of the big mining corporates (i.e., Rio Tinto) and never left; and never regretted the decision.  Anyhow, just returned home after a long day at the office, forgot my water is turned off today so more Old Spice body-spray before work tomorrow (Cape Town experiencing landmark water crisis). The good thing, it is cool thanks to the coastal breezes which blow through my apartment complex.


Eh, no worries, between being married with kids and my own projects I don't often have the time or opportunity to go out and grab a beer in the evenings. That's something I'm going to try to work on this summer, though... reclaiming some of my free time is big on my list  :)


I don't get out as much as I should and I think Clancy and Hamish know the nightlife in UB much better than I, but I can at least recommend a few things and places outside UB. My family and I spend a fair amount of time around Gorkhi-Terelj National Park which is not far from UB. We really enjoyed last summer's road trips to Khuvsgul Nuur (lake) in the northern part of the country and to Terkhiin Tsaagan Nuur and the nearby Khorgo volcano. Driving on your own probably wouldn't be an option for you (as far as I know they're still not recognizing the International Driver's Permit and driving is stressful here anyway), but there's plenty of tours available and you can even hire a driver and vehicle for several days for pretty reasonable rates if you prefer a more independent experience.

As for when to come, Hamish is right in that mid-May is a pretty good time to arrive. It starts warming up well before that and the warming has already begun the past week or two (save for the sudden cold spell we're experiencing currently), but the high winds combined with relative lack of rain often make spring here a season of dust storms. The social activity and influx of travelers makes summer a busy and interesting time too. How long do you plan to be staying in Mongolia before you move on?

Hey guys I know it’s been a while. Really looking forward to visit UB this summer. When does it begin to cool down and how is the weather right now?

Hey there,
Its a nice vocation...travelling all over, ...!
Would love to catch up in Mongolia.....
Me is heading to Mongolia in July...
lets c

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