Vinaphone EZCOM SIM / generally experience about SIM cards in Vietnam


I had a Viettel SIM from the airport which was registred on an unknown name. Because the Viettel app is only in Vietnamese, I decided for a new Vinaphone SIM card. The Vinaphone app is in English. But unfortunately I found out that I can’t top-up by credit card. So the app is not very helpfull.

I bought a “only data” SIM card (5GB for 70’000 VND).
But after I bought it, the lady in the Vinaphone shop told that the card is only valid for one year.
But experience date I see in the app is 25/11/2017 and don’t changed after top-up.
The SIM I bought is a EZCOM SIM card and I can only load some packages (e.g. DMAX and some X… extensions). The Vinaphone lady said I can’t load e.g. SPEED199 package.

Does anyone know more about this EZCOM SIM card and the the difference to other SIM cards?

And does anyone know whether it’s possible to change the Vinaphone SMS messages from Vietnamese to English by a USSD code or call, like with Viettel (call 191)?

Maybe I should change to another provider or product.

I need only data but fast and big packages because I want use the phone as hotspot for my computer. Because the wifi in apartments are usually not fast and not enough secured.

Best would be a fast free flatrate SIM card. But as far as I know there are not available such SIM cards in Vietnam.

Thank you in advanced for your experiences.

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