Unsettled Taxes

Hi ... I got retrenched and I still have outstanding at IRAS ... the amount is quite huge (I can't settle as I am in a financial craze) and I need to leave SG as I have yet to find a job.... IRAS has yet to clear me yet, I am only allowed to stay till the 20th, what will happen if I I try to exit SG with unclear taxes?

I would recommend to write a letter to IRAS on how to clear the amount of paying on a monthly basis for next few years.

Secondly, I think IRAS might have known your case already from employer that you will be leaving, so the money at your bank or employer's monthly salary would be deducted to settle the IRAS tax payment. I'm surprised that IRAS didn't send you reminders or your employer did not inform you about the IRAS tax payment would be settled from your salary.

Don't run away as you may get a legal notice at your permanent address and if you didn't clear then in future they will arrest you the moment you visit Singapore or transit via Singapore. Be very careful. ICA will create lots of trouble for you in future. So, be aware n good luck

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