Family living abroad in Puerto Rico, Where to live?

Hi Cynthia,

I am looking at coming to PR, but we would not be working. From what I read on other posts and research, English speaking jobs are hard to come by  and pay significant less then US.  I suppose if you had jobs lined up already, then different story.

Some rental properties on the west of the island. … -+Busqueda

We are moving our family of 5 there this fall.  We have 2, 10 year olds and a 3 year old.  Look at Palmas Del Mar in Humacao.  We visited PR last month and looked at various areas and this was the best fit for what we were looking for.  Palmas is a community of native Puerto Ricans and many Americans and Expats.  It is 300,000 acres...pools, tennis, horses, school and 20 restaurants.  It is where we chose to start our Puerto Rican adventure.  Very family friendly and a community.  We also looked at Dorado, which is very nice, but was to us, more like living on your own, and not part of a community where it is easy to meet people.  I can't speak of the other areas.  But, from what I've read...there is something for everyone, depending on what you are looking for!  Maybe we'll connect on our adventures!  (Happy to give more info on specifics if you'd like.)

Hi dakersfamily,
You are right there is something for most people. It is not for everyone.
I am fairly familiar with Palmas, I think it is a great choice, but dedicate time to become proficient in the language and get out and explore outside as much as you can after you come live permanently.

The kids will have a richer life once they become bilingual, it would open a lot of opportunities for them.

By the way, about 5 of our members live in Palmas.

I think the Fajardo area may be something you may be interested in further looking into. In response to your points made there aren't a lot of expats so you'd be able to fully immerse yourself in the culture with plenty of locals. There are beautiful beaches in Fajardo and nearby Luquillo where the water tends to be calmer which offers safe swimming and snorkeling. Christian Bilingual Academy is a good private elementary school in Fajardo. Nearby El Yunque Rain Forest has wonderful and plentiful hiking trails. Also, in Fajardo you can take the ferry to Culebra and Vieques to further explore for hiking, swimming, mountain biking and snorkeling.

Thx Dakerfamily on your input.  Your adventure sounds very similar to ours.  I'll private message for some more details.

Looking for a house by the beach in eastern side of the island. Nothing fancy. Anyone know of one for sale.

Do you know whereI can find a small house on the beach in the eastern part of the island. Nothing expensive.

Hooly :

Do you know whereI can find a small house on the beach in the eastern part of the island. Nothing expensive.

Try this site

There is a difference between a house by the beach and a house by the sea.
There are few houses by what most people call a beach. Also beaches are public, if too close to the water then people will be in your yard and you are not allowed to put up a fence or take the people out.

If too close to the water you will not be able to get insurance, the salty air and spray will eat at anything metal, including your car, refrigerator, etc.

When there is a storm, specially in fairly flat areas, the swell from the sea can end up inside your house and may carry you vehicle also.

It is best to be within walking distance at at least 40 feet above sea level.

You also need check the neighborhood, being close to the beach could mean trash, noice and crime.

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