Leaving after applying for Permesso di Soggoriono for the first time?

Hi all - I was able to find almost no information on whether it's a problem to leave Schengen after you've applied for the permisso, but before it's been issued (if it's your first time applying). I have an American passport so there are no issues with visas etc. I found this:


but I have an elective residency visa, which isn't included in the list of three visa types where it says it's OK to leave before it's issued.

Anyone know what the law says, or even better, have personally done this and have some advice on what to expect? I do academic work and travel a lot for conferences etc., so it would be really difficult for me to stay put for however long it ends up taking for the permisso to be issued.


Well, what I found out was that you can leave Italy to travel through the Schengen area while your visa is still valid, and then for three months following that (as a US citizen). However, you can't leave Schengen.

This is just the info I got personally from the authorities that pertain to my particular case, so it may or may not be applicable for anyone else.

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