Milan Permanent Work - English - Varied Skills

Hi All,

I'm looking for work in Milan before I make the move.(ASAP)

My name is Ryan, I'm 25 and a native English speaker, My Italian is at an elementary level. (currently having 4/5 hours of Italian lessons + additional studying each week)

I have skills in:

Data Analytics/Sales -  Using speadsheets and data to help a business gain further insight identify problems.
Digital Marketing and Web Design - Managing an Ecommerce website etc.
Customer Service Management - Training, coaching and supporting a team of customer service agents.

I have worked in the Entertainment, Retail and Manufacturing.

Prior to this I was a Sound Engineer working live sound.

I'm currently based in South Wales and studying for a Business Management Degree through the Open University.

If anyone knows for any suitable positions or has any connections that might be able to help I'd be very grateful.

The sooner I can find work, The sooner I can find accommodation and make the move.

I appreciate your help.



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