french midwife in uae


i am a french midwife and i would like to work in uae (Dubai/Abu Dhabi)
i come here to have some tips on how to find work. i've already read some subject about midwifery in this country but if someone can help me to know how to proceed.
For example, i saw that a lot of midwives first find their work and then pass the HAAD/DHA license ... but it means that they have to wait for you for a long time until you get the license... it seems weird, they can wait 3-4 months?
Plus sometimes in job offers it's wrote midwife with license already so for that i can not apply. Should i pass the license HAAD or DHA before and try to find a work then?
and a last things is that i made a CV/resume but as it is not exactly the same way to do it in France i don't know if someone can adivce me on that, or review mine maybe?

thank you in advance for any help

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