Unpaid for services rendered in Taipei; what are my options?

Hi. I've been doing translation and script work for a Taiwanese woman for already a few years. I've had payment issues with her in the past, but generally after long waiting periods, she relents and finally wires money to my bank. The latest round of non-payment has now been ongoing for 6 months and unless something magically changes, I'm afraid this time I'm going to have to take legal action. Does anybody have any similar experience, advice, or even a contact for a good lawyer in Taipei?

Sounds like you're working for a deadbeat. Countless Taiwanese are ripped off by employers on much bigger scale and in blatant fashion. Some bosses shut down firms overnight to leave workers holding the bag.

Litigation for small claim is NOT recommended. But do check the possibility of courts that handle small claims, if you can speak Chinese fluently.

One reason is that you'd have to pay for lawyer who likely would not be interested in your case due to lack of profit potential.

Try threatening the deadbeat with law suit which works sometimes.

A desperate lawyer, many of whom exist in Taiwan, could be interested to help you. Just cold call a few to ask questions. Some may reply on the phone.

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