Job opportunity for Spouse having temporary residence permit in Poland

Hi All,
I moved to Poland due to work, with my spouse in 2016. I got National visa based upon my work permit and my spouse got dependent visa. After coming to Poland, my employer helped me to apply ‘temporary residence’ for both of us.  Now my spouse got temporary residence permit(Karta pobuta).   She  is interested to work here but  facing problem related to work permit.
Many companies are rejecting her due to work-permit. I investigated and found that only the employer can raise a request for work permit.
Is there any other way to get work-permit in Poland? 
Even I heard about ‘Self-employed’(b2b) in Poland. Can a non-eu citizen become self-employed in Poland based on ‘Temporary residence permit” ? If yes than ,can you guys give me some reference about the agencies, who works on these matters.

Thanks in Advance.

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