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Hi all!
I'm planning to go to VietNam by the end of next month. I'm looking for a company that making visa on arrival. A friend suggested me to try with Vietnam visa easy company ( My question is: Anyone in this forum used the service of this company? Or do you know other company that i can trust? Thanks for your help

Hi, Koji. I arrived in Saigon 1 month ago. I used and had no issues.


vietnam visa online is known to me. You must look for at least 6 months working visa or 1 year. Complexity with visa extension involving unbudget for expension.

@ Justice Peter Oduro I got a 3 month, multiple entry tourist visa from them. Renewal is not difficult once in Vietnam.

I am planning a trip to saigon with my spouse and mother in law.
We are US citizens. Is the total cost for three online visas
$15.99 x 3  plus $25.00 x 3 for a total of $122.97 or $41.00 per person.

thanks for the help.

Yes, it is 15.99 + 25 USD per person for 1 month single entry.
Some other visa agencies who'll provide 40 USD per 1 month single entry visa like or Some other like will give 37 USD for return customers.

Thank you all. Finally I decided to use  as I checked with other companies and found that their price is reasonable and service is very good. They also have homestay so I can stay there. Visa done!

Hi @Koji Kajima. Please tell me your experience if you used  the visa on arrival services. Did you actually get the visa at the airport in Vietnam.? Did you encounter any issues in the process and at the airport?

I have one week to come to Ho Chi Minh City. I am American and want to use the VOA since I have short time to mail my passport to New York.

Thank you for replying.

You can see my updates at my thread. The process woks without any problem. I used it and am in Ho Chi Minh City right now.


Hello VN Expat members,

We are two US citizens trying to locate information about the workings of a long stay 1 year visa and the renewal process for retiring in VN.

I’ve been told that in VN a 1 year visa still requires a border crossing every 90 days, in Thailand using a OA Retirement visa we have to report every 90 days but are not required to do a border crossing, at this time.

If the 90 border crossing is required are there agents that can be paid to remedy this? In Thailand most visa obstacles can be remedied through a visa agent.

Surprisingly I haven’t found much help with the above questions by searching online.

We really appreciate any information on these questions and or links that answer the questions.

Many thanks…

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