Maltese Citizenship by Descent - How long have you been waiting?

Hi malti89

In regard to this,

“I’m not sure if your father was born in Malta or just has his citizenship like me, but if he was born in Malta (depending on when you were born) your application should be instant as mine was (being your birth right).”

Yes my father is born a Maltese. My year of birth is 1984. Any idea if this might guarantee a similar case as your application, i.e instant citizenship?

Thank you


I would think it would be exactly the same type of case as me. My birthdate is May 1989. So I would think if you go to Identity Malta with all your information on previous generations (I believe they need two consecutive generations born in Malta - so father and grandfather)

They did change the rules for people born after August 1989. I’m not exactly how it differs but my brother (who was born in 2001) received his citizenship instantly when I applied for mine I did his too.

So our cases sound the same so I think it should be no problem.

Best of luck!

Thank you. I will keep you posted on how it goes once I go Malta in December.


I am shocked at how many people are in this limbo.

Myself I am 2 years 1 month and waiting for joint citizenship.
Half Maltese from maternal lineage(mother and grandparents) so the application is supported by descendancy with all the required documentation produced, submitted and sent off for rubber stamping in Malta. Has been a complete communication blackout since. Getting absolutely nowhere with the Maltese consulate or officials back in Malta who stoutly refuse to comment on individual applications and then make and break promises to investigate and get back to you. Have grave misgivings that they may have lost/mishandled my application in this protracted timespan when along the course of my enquiries they requested I effectively resubmit information and then sent me a paternal form to fill in!

Immensely infuriating process and I feel and share people's frustrations.

Yes, it's absolutely frustrating trying to deal with the Maltese officials who don't respond to anything at all.

I'm living in the EU, applied in April 2017, have been waiting 19 months now and still no word. If I have to wait 2 and a half years like some people have I won't have the citizenship before Brexit, so I don't know where that will leave me. Argh!

Mari_aa :

Yes, it's absolutely frustrating trying to deal with the Maltese officials who don't respond to anything at all.

I'm living in the EU, applied in April 2017, have been waiting 19 months now and still no word. If I have to wait 2 and a half years like some people have I won't have the citizenship before Brexit, so I don't know where that will leave me. Argh!

I just thought I would post a follow-up on this in case it's useful to anyone who has applied on the basis of having grandparents & great-grandparents born in Malta, - Form K.

I contacted the High Commission in London a few days ago by phone (important) to follow up on my application since it was taking so long. I received a reply from Malta today saying that my application would be withdrawn in less than 2 months, by January 31, if my dad doesn't apply in that time with a Form A.

As I have already been waiting 19 months and paid some £200 I am really angry to receive such a short deadline! And I do not think they would have let me know at all if I had not requested that the High Commission in London follow up on the application for me.


thanks for that information.
offers some insight as to why, without explanation, they sent me the paternal form to fill in(which is completely irrelevant in my case anyhow).

I smell a rat. By their own terms - Form K should be more than sufficient and fulfils the eligibility criteria.

I will be chasing this up immediately with the Maltese High Commission in London. I think waiting 26 months I've been more than patient. Somehow I suspect if my application had been via the 'buy-a-passport ' IIP scheme I would of been fast tracked to the front of the line.

Am starting to think this is all part of the initiation. It's like they are begging for me to jump on a plane to Malta and show them my Maltese side  :mad:

Hey Guys,

I'm in a similar boat. Grandfather was born in Malta in the 40's, moved to Australia when he was young. Both my father and I were born in Aus. I believe that at the time Malta did not accept dual citizenship's, so my Grandfather would have had to surrender his Maltese citizenship.

I'm applying for dual citizenship myself in a couple of weeks. Do you think the wait will be around the 2 year mark? Although my grandfather did have to fill out a form, along with my father and I. Providing all original documentation for the appointment in Sydney. I'm presuming he would have to re-apply before we can?

Any help would be much appreciated!

Bonjour ħbieb tiegħi, I'm British born with a Maltese born mother, grandparents, great grandparents. I applied through descendency along with my British born children. We applied in early 2018 and received our citizenship certificates within ten months.The consulate were incredibly helpful and professional, my late mother and grandmother would be very proud as we all are too reconnect with their heritage. I'd imagine the chaos of the UK's impending BREXIT disaster has increased applications and therefore processing times, despite this our experience has been VERY positive. Grazzi ħafna Malta:)


I've heard that 3rd gen Maltese wait longer. Maybe that's why you waited only 10  months. Just applied for my Citizenship in Sydney.

Hi malti89,

So did your husband finally get his certificate?
was just wondering since I’m still waiting...


I finally received my Citizenship certificate and thought I would make a final post sharing my experience for those of you that are still waiting.  The process took 3 years and 2 months from the day I submitted my application at Identity Malta in Valletta.  My process may have taken longer than normal, being a Third Country National and third and subsequent generation descendent.

Given the volume of new applications and Brexit, for third or subsequent generations born abroad applicants that may be the waiting time, perhaps a few months less, yet not much.

I do notice an improvement in the processing of applications over the past year.  Staff are answering phone calls and emails timely and are following up.  I suggest you know your case file number and talk only with the officer responsible for your file.


Sorry only just saw this now, my father passed away so didn’t check on this. He did indeed! I’m glad to read that you received yours also!

Hello everyone,

I thought I would share my experience, I am a Canadian Born Citizen, from a Maltese born Mother, and Both Grandparents, Great Grandparents... etc... I applied for my Citizenship in September 2018 and I have now received it.  Identity Malta was very helpful, answered all my questions quickly and very professional. The only issue I had was that Identity Malta requested My grandparents marriage certificate that I did not have so I spent a month or so in applying for that and waiting for that to arrive to send it back to them.  So to complete all this it took approx 6-7 months. I thought i'd share my experience and hopefully it helps.


Thank you to everyone for your information. I am also interested in Maltese citizenship by descent. I am second-generation Maltese (my Maltese father was born in the US to two Maltese-born parents, my grandparents).

The Embassy of Malta instructed me to fill out Form K. I have all of the necessary birth/marriage records (myself, my parents/father, my grandparents and great-grandparents), but I am hung up on the item that says “Applicant’s father’s citizenship certificate”.

My father is not a Maltese citizen and I don’t think he’s interested in applying for dual citizenship like I am. He does not have any Maltese citizenship. I am wondering if I can still complete this process without my father also applying for dual citizenship.

Does anyone have experience in this situation or can you offer me any advice on this topic?

Many thanks in advance.

Hi Mari_aa - this seems like a very similar situation to mine. I can imagine your frustration with waiting.

I filled out Form K and I’ve been told my father may also need to complete Form A. Nonetheless my father has agreed to provide necessary records such as his birth/marriage certificate. My grandfather is deceased and was born in Malta, so it’s impossible for my grandfather to complete any paperwork. I have all marriage/birth records for my parents, paternal grandparents and paternal great-grandparents.

Do you know if my father completing Form A will give my father dual citizenship? To be honest, I am not sure he wants dual citizenship so I am trying to complete this process without “involving” him. Did they provide any add’l info on Form A - I.e. what this means for the parent? Do you know if they received your info? (Crossing fingers for you)

Your insight would be greatly appreciated. I am happy to share any of my insight as well.

Thank you!

Hi there,

Yes your situation does sound very similar to mine.

(But (for other readers of this thread) do check the form they asked you to fill out as they requested a form A from my my father which would not have been the correct one; form A is for an application through the paternal bloodline (therefore correct for you, Jfenny, but my father should have been asked to fill out a form I). )

Anyway, they are both applications for Maltese citizenship; your father must be involved and he must therefore apply for Maltese citizenship at the same time as you.

My father did not want to apply, so my application therefore expired. I was furious that the Commission wasted so much of my time and money when they could have told me two years ago (ie at the time of my application) that the relevant parent needed to either be a citizen or request citizenship at the same time.

Thank you that is incredibly frustrating to not know this information ahead of time. I don’t know whether or not my father will want to apply, this is a consideration I needed to take into account. What, if anything, did you need from your grandparent? 

Thank you for the info!

I would like to mention some important things...
Are you applying for Maltese citizenship with the correct form?

If you have a Grandfather and Grandmother born in Malta, and a Father and Mother born in Malta who left Malta before 1965 and took up citizenship elsewhere and they are no longer Maltese citizens and you (the applicant) were born overseas Before 1965, then you can get a Maltese Citizenship and passport fast by going to Malta and go direct to Malta Identity in Valletta.
First use the Dual Citizenship “Enquiry” form A and send it to Identity Malta by email to first confirm by them you can apply for citizenship using the Dual Citizenship Application Form A. This should only take a week or so to receive an email back from them confirming this. Do not use Application by Descent if you can apply by using the Dual Citizenship Application. It’s fast.

Once they confirm this fill out the application form and bring originals as requested and fly to Malta and go directly to the Evan Building Identity Malta and like me you can get a Passport in about 10 days. They will give you a document saying the Govt of Malta considered you a Maltese citizen from birth even though you lived overseas your whole life. A few days later you have your passport in your hand.

This may also apply if you were born after 1965. First get Identity Malty to confirm you can apply by using the Dual Citizenship Application by first submitting to them the Dual citizenship Enquiry Form A.

Hope this helps some of you.

Hi all,
I applied in July 2019, and am working off a 6 month lead time. Does anyone have any recent news from there application and when they received news back that they could collect the citizenship certificate?

Hi Mark,

I got my Maltese citizenship by descent  in August,it took two years and I can just go and collect my certificate when I'm next back in Malta,I can apply for my Maltese passport at the same time.

My wife and children are now Maltese citizens having applied through descent.  I applied for my citizenship (through marriage) in January 2019 (London).  All paperwork provided.  Still waiting.  Anyone heard of latest lead times?  Contacted London and they advised they do not follow up and I’ll only be informed if there is an issue.

I'm applying for Citizenship by descent next week at the embassy in Dublin, does anyone have any recent experience of this ?.
I'm wondering if the waiting times have improved.

So I just got a mail from the embassy telling me I can apply for a passport at the same time as I submit my documents, so I'm guessing the process has speeded up a bit.

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