Living and working in the Cayman Islands


I am doing research into living and working in the Cayman Islands in 2020.

I have both Australian and Canadian citizenship, currently reside in Canada. I work in the Retail/customer service areas and in the hotel/housekeeping areas.

I'm going to look into becoming dive certified as well starting fairly soon

Can anyone give me any advice on everything I would need to know about living there. Eg wages in those industries, rental costs...I'd be looking for one bedroom max as it would just be myself. Safest areas to live etc.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated so thank you in advance

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Carmen. Your best thing to do is to Google the magazine "Cayman New Resident", which lists several employment and recruitment companies. I'm not familiar with any of the new agencies, of which Highbury may well be one. (Or, "Hightbury" as its hastily created website calls the company - Hightbury Consulting - All Rights Reserved © 2016.)

I have never heard of Highbury/Hightbury, and neither David Joiner nor Mike Wind is listed in our local White pages - as far as I could tell. That's not to say they don't exist, or don't live here: they may very well be recent arrivals, and highly reputable people. By all means include their Company among those you contact. Good luck.

Hi Carmen,

The George Town area is pretty safe like most places on island, just take the usual precautions. Locals are friendly and there are a lot of good restaurants on island.

I actually have a brand new 3 bed apartment that you could rent that would be great to meet friends, it's a fully furnished en suite bedroom, located in George Town which is the capital and centre of business, close to everything you'll need, the beach, supermarkets and likely your place of work.

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