VietNamese looking for job in BKK


I'm from Viet Nam (Ho Chi Minh City). I would like to visit BKK soon and hopefully, I will find a job there. I am VietNamese. I speak strong English, too. So, I need help from local people. I really appreciate your information about how to get visa, job links, good place to work there.

Could you please let me know some information so I can easily get your city? Thank you very much! :)

try for jobs.

Hi Phuong Dung ! minh cung giong nhu ban ,moi qua BKK.O BKK tim viec phu hop cho nguoi viet kho lam.Nice too meet U !

Hello thanhngavus, Welcome on ;)

Can you please use English language in this Anglophone forum!!


@LuisF: Thanks a lot! It's really helpful. I will try my best! :)

Hi, nice to see you two vietnamease in BK. I am vietnamease too. I had a master in Biotechnology and i am looking for a job suitable but it is very difficult. Please help me if anyone knows any job opportunities. Thanks alots!

Hello honeydung, the Jobs in Bangkok section could help. You should post an advert there. :)

Thank you,

Thanks you very much for your kind help Aurelie!

I am looking in and other everyday for the position as researcher or lab teachnician but i am still not lucky until now. I am even looking for the job as vietnamease teacher :D. I am studying french this moment but i still hope i can find a job. I love to go for working soon :(